This form is for individuals staying on Appledore overnight. These forms must be completed three weeks prior to a participant's arrival on Appledore. Students, please fill out the forms here instead.

These forms collect the following information and require electronic signatures on the following waivers:

  • Health history, prescription details, emergency contacts, and insurance information
  • Medical treatment and record disclosure form (e-signature required)
  • Code of conduct and social ethics form (e-signature required)
  • Release and hold harmless form (e-signature required)
  • Over the counter medication approval form (e-signature required)
  • Multimedia agreement and release form (opt-in or opt-out available)
  • SML COVID-19 Evacuation Plan

Click "apply now" below to fill out the form. This system will require you to fill out some basic demographic information before you can fill out SML's forms. Only the name, date of birth, contact information, and address fields are mandatory information.

Note: You will create a new account to complete these forms.

Required fields are indicated by .