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Feb 16, 2022

Welcome! UNH-4U is a program coordinated by the UNH-Institute on Disability to build inclusive higher education opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities. UNH-4U Bridges prepares young adults age 18-24 for higher education, independent living, and careers. Filling out this online application is required for consideration to the program. This application is available in alternative formats upon request, please contact Jenna Riley at

This spring, UNH will again host UNH-4U Bridges: An Online Training Series Toward College and Career. It includes 4 virtual training opportunities:

  • Academic and Assistive Technology for College Access*, Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-10:30am from January 11th–February 10th (5 weeks total), $885.
  • Setting and Realizing Goals Using Person-Centered Planning, Mondays 1-2:30pm from February 14th–April 18th (10 weeks), $495.
  • Healthy and Social Aspects of College Life, Thursdays 1-2:30pm from February 17th–April 21st (10 weeks), $495.
  • Next Steps in Person-Centered Planning, Fridays 10-11:30am from February 18th–April 22nd (10 weeks), $495.

*Note: The UNH-4U Bridges series is a non-credit workshop series offered by the staff of the UNH-4U program. These are not college courses, but rather trainings designed to prepare young adults for college and career endeavors in the future.

Academic and Assistive Technology for College Access is a pre-requisite for all participants in Bridges. An entrance interview occurs prior to enrollment to determine whether participants have the devices and support they need to participate, as well as to assess their baseline knowledge of technology and software being taught in the course.  

Successful completion of the series will promote participants’ self-awareness, employment and academic direction, advocacy, technology and personal computing skills, knowledge of resources, and enhance social connections. Each training session will occur remotely via Zoom. All materials will be provided. For each weekly class session, participants can expect to spend approximately two hours on work outside of class to review course materials, practice new skills, and submit assignments, which are critical to success. Before enrolling, participants should consider what supports they have access to assist with homework and class participation. For example, if a high school student, a para-professional may be available, and the student may need to use a PC at school during session times that do not interfere with other high school classes. An adult participant, already out of high school, may need support from a service provider, friend, or family member to fully participate.

Upon completion of each Bridges course students will be issued a “Digital Badge” through the University of New Hampshire. Digital Badges are a form of micro-credential that are proof that specific knowledge and skills have been gained through the training and learning experiences. If students complete all 4 Bridges courses they will also receive a “Master Badge” that demonstrates their completion of the entire UNH-4U Bridges to College and Career Training Program. 


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