Submission Deadline

Feb 18, 2019

1:1 Literacy Support at the Community Literacy Center is based on student-developed goals for reading and writing.
  • After you complete this form, the Community Literacy Center will contact you to set up a time to meet. 
  • At that meeting, the child and a family member will complete a literacy inventory to help us discover how the student likes to learn, when they feel successful, and when they might struggle as a learner. It also gives us the chance to determine which CLC tutor might be a good match, personality-wise. Finally, we'll talk about some possible goals for 1:1 literacy support.
  • At the first meeting, the child and tutor will engage in some informal assessments based on the information provided during the literacy inventory. Those assessments will give us an idea of how to help the child to refine their goal so that it is both challenging and do-able.
  • For the rest of the meetings, the child and tutor will engage in activities that are focused on the specific goal(s) the child identified.

Meetings last for 45 minutes, two times per week. There is no tutoring during public school vacation weeks or days when UNH is closed.

Tutors are UNH undergraduate and graduate pre-service teachers. The cost for the spring pilot program is $20/meeting.

Please note: completing this form lets us know that you're interested in tutoring. We cannot guarantee that we'll have a match for each student who indicates interest. Matches will be made based on availability of both tutors and children.

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