Details: May 25, 26, 27, 2018,   9:00 AM to 4:00 PM,  UNH Horse Barns

Instructors: Pam McPhee & Shannon Knapp

Registration Fee: $450.00

This hands on workshop is an overview of Equine-assisted Mental Health and Learning (EAMHL).  Together we will experience theories that inform and develop the practice of EAMHL, introduce some of the history and development of the field, and create an awareness of some of the elements of safe, effective, ethical practice. Participants will become familiar with current research, professional organizations, certification programs as well as issues facing the field.


To see examples of programs where we partner with horses to help humans watch:    (regarding working with veterans)   (regarding working with children who are burn survivors)


To register for UNH credit please go to and search for Kin 798/898 (3Y), the class is variable credit. For those seeking University credit, attendance for May 25 – 27 is required.  The rest of the class will be asynchronous on-line ending June 22.


For more information: contact Pam McPhee at


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