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The caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland asked it, The Who asked it, and every great life coach has posed the question… “Who ARE you?” It’s an important question for public works agencies to ask themselves, and to be sure they’re effectively answering for their citizens.  In this session, we’ll dig into questions like:

  • How can effective storytelling build brand awareness, communicate your agency's critical work and success story, and help to build knowledgeable, well-connected citizen advocates?
  • How can we inspire awareness of public works and the importance of transportation – and the impact and contribution of your teams to transportation and public infrastructure - through our actions and activities?
  • What role does working with local media, press, and other news and information outlets play in branding?  Through what ways mighty you build effective and meaningful relationships with the media and press?

In a nutshell, how can you make sure everyone knows who you are as a public works service center? Join us to discuss the idea of storytelling as part of your communication plan! We'll review some tips and ideas to engage local media and build relationships with the press to help amplify the public works story. And since so much of our storytelling happens not in what we SAY but what we DO, we'll review some of the wonderful programs and initiatives some of your DPW peers participate in to build recognition of public works and transportation within their local agencies.

Attendees will walk away with lots of tips, tricks, and ideas, including how to fire up their own media, outreach, and engagement strategy.  

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Media Relations in Public Works
8:30AM to 10:00AM
Dec 06, 2022
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  • Live Online (USA Eastern Time)
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  • Marilee Enus
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