Course Description

The Road Safety Fundamentals course will benefit participants who want to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities by identifying and solving common road safety issues, analyzing and evaluating roadway data, and developing actionable strategies and steps.

This self-paced course provides information on road safety, including foundational concepts; the history of road safety; multidisciplinary approaches; understanding human behavior; the types, quality, and importance of safety data; solving safety problems through a safety management process; and the steps and process of implementing road safety efforts.

Participants will explore the foundational concepts of road safety through problem solving common safety issues, evaluating data for various road safety objectives, and strategizing actionable steps to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities. Participants will grasp the fundamental concepts of road safety and help develop a workforce that is better prepared to address road safety challenges.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
-Explain the fundamental concepts of road safety
-Analyze multiple human behavior factors that influence behavior in road safety
-Select, analyze, and evaluate data for different road safety objectives
-Apply safety data to identify safety issues and develop strategies to solve those issues
-Identify the main elements of implementing road safety efforts

There are two primary audiences for the course: (1) practitioners with jobs that address some aspect of safety, (2) and professors and students in a university setting seeking to explore concepts and practices in roadway safety.

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