Course Description

This course focuses on the leading cause of fatalities in the roadway construction industry, especially electrical safety. It helps workers be safe when working outdoors near power lines, underground utilities, electrical tools, and other electrical sources.  Per ARTBA's grantor's instructions, this training is only for construction workers in the private sector and workers in the public sector who are responsible for the health and safety of other workers in their agencies.  This includes workers in small crews that are responsible for the safety of the site where they are working that day.  For example, if a small crew is going out to repair a sign, pothole, utility, etc., individuals with responsibility to set up the signs, watch for the crew’s wellbeing, access site conditions on the job, would qualify.


Students must have full audio and visual capabilities to participate in this course, including must have and utilize a camera-equipped device to connect to the class.  Students will need to engage and participate in the class through their cameras, microphones, as well as a chat pod.  After registering with UNH T2, all approved participants (those in highway construction with the private or municipal sector) will receive an additional, required pre-registration link to also pre-register with ARTBA.  This pre-registration link can be found in your UNH T2 receipt from learnforlife.unh.edu after you complete registration with UNH T2.  The ARTBA pre-registration, and completion of a pre-test, are required in order to receive and access the webinar meeting room. 


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