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This course will provide you with the foundational information you need to ensure that your local bridges are safe to cross over by conducting regular inspections and then fixing the items found that reduce the good operation of the structure.  This course is not intended to replace or override NHDOT's role in local agency bridge inspection and maintenance.  

This course explains the importance of timely and cost-effective preventive bridge maintenance activities and strategies, as well as what can happen to bridges that are not properly maintained. It concludes with an overview of bridge maintenance planning and scheduling tools and activities, and how agencies can manage bridge maintenance tasks (in accordance with their local and/or state procedures).

This course is intended for a variety of positions within local agencies and tribal governments, focused on those who are responsible for inspecting and maintaining bridges as well as those who plan and schedule those inspections and maintenance activities. Training includes:

1.    Bridge Framework
2.    Bridge Inspection
3.    Importance of Bridge Maintenance
4.    Bridge Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

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Freebie Feature - Bridge Maintenance for Local Agencies
Jan 01, 2023 to Jan 31, 2023
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