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What would it be like if EVERY day was "Bring Your Best Self to Work" Day?

  • If you’re an HR professional or senior leader - what if each and every day, each employee brought their BEST SELF to work?
  • If you’re an individual contributor - what difference would that make both in your level of job satisfaction and your career trajectory if you had more tools in your toolbox to feel at your best and perform at your best each day?
  • If you’re a supervisor - what if you had all the tools and could teach them to your team, how would that affect your ability to do great work and…enjoy your job?

Here’s what you will get out of this seminar:
how to be an Emotional Self-Management Ninja - your ability to “rise to the occasion” when trouble arises—and by doing so inspire others to do the same; how to have more energy and vitality that you can bring to bear on your work and have enough to bring home to your personal life; how to increase your ability to make a strong, positive impact on others simply by your presence; two simple and totally game-changing practices that will boost your mood and the mood of those around you, and help you grow your career; how to communicate in ways that help you bring out the best in difficult people and challenging situations.

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