Course Description


Safe – Sustainable – Cost Effective Snow & Ice Control Solutions for Roads & Parking Lots

The course objectives are:.
1.    Explore the reasons why brine is an irreplaceable tool for an optimally sustainable – efficient winter maintenance operation
     a.    Mitigate Environmental and Infrastructure Impacts
     b.    Improve Public and Crew Safety
     c.    Reduce Labor/Equipment /Material Costs
2.    Learn Best Management Practices for liquid materials and their application – What – When – How liquids work.
     a.    Basic Chlorides – and the Value of Additives    
     b.    Material Production – Brine Making/Stockpile Treating and Equipment
     c.    The Science and Art of Liquid Application
     d.    Anti-Icing – Direct Liquid Application – Pre and Post-treating
     e.    Deicing with Pre-Wet Salt and Salt Slurries
     f.    Liquid Application Equipment
3.    Discuss unique benefits/value of using brine for the commercial contractor - ROI
4.    Tips for Building a Sustainable Material Management & Liquid Program

Discussion with a representative from a municipality that is using Brine, how approval was made, and how system was established.

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