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When learning about the modern library, the first step is understanding what remains the same. After touching on these core values, we will jump into some of the modern stapes of the public library. Always at the heart of this is our commitment to community and meeting the needs of all our patrons. Yes, libraries still have books of all kinds in our physical spaces as well as our digital spaces, but what else? Come learn about the library as a community center, innovative learning space, lender of "Library of things", research hub, place of solitude and connection, place of quiet reflection and booming collaborative groups, place for personal growth and community outreach. Come to engage in life long learning and stay to relax and unwind. Dewey decimal may be old hat, but perhaps the new digital borrowing platform feels like you need a technical degree to run it. Does the genealogy database sound intriguing and intimidating at the same time. Don't worry your community library is here to help! Check it out- Libraries beyond the books!

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