PDT-TchGN-02 - Competency-based Education: Overview and Action Steps (K-12)
PDT-TchGN-13 - Writing, Illustrating and Publishing Children's Picture Books
PDT-TchGN-26 - Competency-Based Education: Conference on Student Centered Learning
PDT-TchLA-02 - Comprehension Strategies for Struggling Readers (K-6)
PDT-TchLA-05 - Using Mentors to Teach Writing (K-12)
PDT-TchLA-06 - Vocabulary and the Common Core: Practices to Improve Literacy Skills (K-8)
PDT-TchLA-07 - What Does it Really Mean to Pause and Ponder? (Gr. 4-12)
PDT-TchLA-08 - Nonfiction Literacy Instruction and Common Core
PDT-TchLA-09 - Go Graphic! Reading and Writing Graphic Novels in the ELA Classroom (K-8)
PDT-TchLA-10 - Strategies for Teaching Persuasive Writing (Gr. 3-8)
PDT-TchLA-11 - Digital Methods for Reading Instruction (M.S. & H.S.)
PDT-TchLA-12 - Making and Assessing Digital Creations Across the Content Areas
PDT-TchLA-13 - Picturing Writing: Engage All Learners While Fostering Critical Literacy Skills
PDT-TchLA-15 - Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Refresh K-2
PDT-TchLA-16 - Running Records: Maps for Personalized Reading Instruction K-4
PDT-TchLA-17 - Visuals in Literacy (K-12)
PDT-TchLA-19 - Teaching Writing Using an Inquiry Approach (K-8)
PDT-TchLA-20 - Big Ideas for Our Littlest Readers(PreK-K)
PDT-TchLA-21 - Close Up on Meaning Making (K-8)
PDT-TchLA-22 - The Science of Reading: Questions that Enhance Students' Reading Comprehension
PDT-TchLA-23 - Writing, Redefined: Broadening our Ideas about Writing for Greater Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement (3-12)
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