PDT-TchGN-02 - Competency-based Education: Overview and Action Steps (K-12)
PDT-TchGN-07 - Just Breathe
PDT-TchGN-09 - Proactive Workshop for Better Classroom Management (K-6)
PDT-TchGN-18 - Maximizing Your Para's Potential
PDT-TchGN-22 - Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Quality Formative Assessment
PDT-TchGN-23 - Growth Mindset and Risk to Enhance Learning
PDT-TchGN-25 - Anti-Discrimination and Inclusion for Educators
PDT-TchGN-35 - Family and Community Engagement: Conference for Educators and Related Professionals
PDT-TchGN-36 - Collaborative and Proactive Solutions
PDT-TchGN-38 - Empowering Educators Coping with Stress
PDT-TchGN-40 - Accentuate the Positive: Strategies for Social/Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
PDT-TchGN-41 - Teaching English Language Learners
PDT-TchGN-42 - Mental Health Training for Educators
PDT-TchGN-43 - Teach Social-Emotional Learning through Academics
PDT-TchGN-76 - Social Awareness and Relationship Building in Middle Schools: An SEL Approach
PDT-TchGN-77 - Ins and Outs of Social Emotional Initiatives in a School Environment
PDT-TchLA-02 - Comprehension Strategies for Struggling Readers (K-6)
PDT-TchLA-09 - Go Graphic! Reading and Writing Graphic Novels in the ELA Classroom (K-8)
PDT-TchLA-10 - Strategies for Teaching Persuasive Writing (Gr. 3-8)
PDT-TchPA-01 - Instructional Skills and Strategies for Paraeducators
PDT-TchPA-02 - Unlocking Your Para Potential
PDT-TchPA-04 - Paraprofessional Impact (M.S. and H.S.)
PDT-TchSP-28 - Navigating Student Learning Plans: A Guide for Teachers in Implementing 504s and IEPs
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