PDT-BusHC-05 - UNH Telehealth Certificate
PDT-BusHC-06 - Telehealth in Practice: A Virtual Workshop
PDT-BusHC-07 - Fundamentals of Telehealth
PDT-BusHC-08 - Telehealth Etiquette
PDT-BusHC-09 - Telehealth Technology 
PDT-BusHC-10 - Telehealth Legal and Regulatory Issues 
PDT-BusHC-11 - Telehealth Billing and Reimbursement 
PDT-BusHC-12 - Remote Patient Monitoring
PDT-BusLM-05 - Applied Leadership Institute
PDT-BusLM-34 - Powerful Presentations: Tips and Tools for Developing Content and Confidence
PDT-Grants-01 - Annual Fund Development
PDT-Grants-02 - Grant Management Essentials for Nonprofits
PDT-Grants-03 - Grantwriting: Advanced
PDT-Grants-04 - Grantwriting: the Fundamentals
PDT-Hlth-03 - Mindfulness through Active Meditation
PDT-Hlth-04 - Introduction to Okinawan Karate
PDT-SocWK-36 - You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Building a Resilience Toolkit for Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, and Educators
PDT-SocWk-01 - Adolescent Psychological/Neuropsychological Assessment and Testing
PDT-SocWk-02 - Animal-Assisted Therapy
PDT-SocWk-03 - Anxiety and Depression in Adolescent Girls
PDT-SocWk-05 - Therapy with Women and Girls: Attention to Gender Differences is Critical for Success
PDT-SocWk-07 - Grief Counseling: Coping with Loss and Uncertainty
PDT-SocWk-08 - Model for Treating Anxiety, Depression and Low Self-Esteem
PDT-SocWk-09 - Nervous and Unhappy: Teen Anxiety and Depression
PDT-SocWk-10 - Ethics and Boundaries in Coaching Youth Affected by Substance Use Disorder
PDT-SocWk-11 - Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicide: Assessment and Intervention
PDT-SocWk-12 - Practical Techniques and Strategies for Coaching Children and Teens
PDT-SocWk-13 - Self-Coaching as a Path to Coaching Children and Teens
PDT-SocWk-14 - Strategies for Coaching Children and Teens with ADHD
PDT-SocWk-15 - Strategies to Lower the Risk of Ethics Complaints and Malpractice Actions in Mental Health Care
PDT-SocWk-17 - Trauma-Informed Care
PDT-SocWk-18 - Bipolar Disorders and Brain Changes: Updated Research and DSM-5 Diagnoses
PDT-SocWk-19 - Crisis Intervention: Theories and Skills
PDT-SocWk-21 - Coaching Children and Teens with Alcohol and Drug Problems
PDT-SocWk-24 - Youth at Risk of Addiction: An Overview
PDT-SocWk-26 - How to Define Addiction and Why It Matters
PDT-SocWk-28 - Treating Addiction with Medication
PDT-TchEC-01 - Attention Deficit Disorder: Creating Connections to Curriculum (K-3)
PDT-TchGN-35 - Family and Community Engagement: Conference for Educators and Related Professionals
PDT-TchPE-05 - A Skills-Based Approach to Health Education
PDT-TchSP-12 - ADHD and Stress
PDT-TchSP-16 - Disorders of Attachment: Insecure and Reactive Attachment
PDt-TchSW-01 - Adolescent Substance Abuse and the Brain: the Pathways to Addiction
Counseling & Social Work
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