PDT-LSurv-03 - Putting It All Together: Preparing for the NH Land Surveyor's Exam
PDT-LSurv-04 - Using Drones in Mapping Applications
PDT-LSurv-09 - Use of Lidar for Surveying and Mapping Applications
PDT-LSurv-10 - Surveying in Floodplains
PDT-LSurvUas-01 - Drone (Unmanned Aircraft Systems - UAS) Operator Certification for Public Safety, Emergency Response & Disaster Management
PDT-LSurvUas-04 - Drone (UAV/UAS) Operator Certificate
PDT-LSurvUas-05 - Drones (UAV/UAS) and Emergency Management
PDT-LSurvUas-06 - Drones (UAV/UAS) and GIS Image Processing
PDT-LSurvUas-13 - The Basics of Photogrammetric Processing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
PDT-LSurvUas-14 - Drone (sUAS) Videography (3-Day Beginner-Advanced Course)
PDT-LSurvUas-15 - Drone (sUAS) Photography (3-Day Beginner-Advanced Course)
PDT-LSurvUas-16 - Drone sUAS Mapping Applications
PDT-LSurvUas-17 - Dealing with Multiple Datums, Different Realizations, Velocity in Coordinates, and Changes in Map Projections
PDT-Lsurv-06 - Who Wrote the Rules?
PDT-Lsurv-07 - Cadastral Systems
PDT-Lsurv-13 - Aquaculture and the Land Surveyor
PDT-Lsurv-14 - Town Lines: A Second and More Detailed View
PDT-Lsurv-15 - Dealing with Landlocked Land Parcels
PDT-Lsurv-16 - When NOT to Apply a Land Surveying Rule
PDT-Lsurv-17 - Sequential vs. Simultaneous Conveyancing Apportionment of Excess and Deficiency: When, Why & How
PDT-SMC-01 - Stormwater Hydrology
PDT-SMC-02 - Stormwater Site Design
PDT-SMC-03 - Treatment System Design & Post Construction Performance Estimates - Part I
PDT-SMC-04 - Treatment System Design & Post Construction Performance Estimates, Part II
PDT-SMC-05 - Stormwater Construction: Erosion and Sediment Controls
PDT-SoilSc-01 - Advanced Identification Skills for Grasses
PDT-SoilSc-02 - Soil Morphology/Describing Soils
PDT-SoilSc-03 - Grasses for Beginners
PDT-SoilSc-04 - Hydric Soils of New England
PDT-SoilSc-06 - Identifying Ferns of Northeastern New England
PDT-SoilSc-08 - Introduction to Sedges and Rushes
PDT-SoilSc-09 - Soil Genesis & Classification
PDT-SoilSc-10 - Creating Wetland Delineation Maps: An Independent Study
PDT-SoilSc-11 - U.S. Army Corps Wetland Delineator Methods
PDT-SoilSc-12 - Wetland Classification
PDT-SoilSc-13 - Winter Plant Identification for Wetland Boundary Determination
PDT-SoilSc-14 - Soil Classification/Taxonomy
PDT-SoilSc-15 - Identifying Late Season Grasses
PDT-SoilSc-16 - Understanding the Basis and Use of Wetland Evaluation
PDT-SoilSc-17 - Stormwater Management Overview
PDT-SoilSc-18 - Foundations of Permaculture
PDT-SoilSc-29 - Lidar Mapping From All Ground and Airborne Systems
PDT-SoilSc-35 - Wetland Function and Value Assessment
PDT-SoilSc-36 - Advanced Identification and Documenting Hydric Soils
PDT-SoilSc-37 - The Wetlands Application Puzzle
PDT-SoilSc-38 - Wetland Delineation Map Preparation
PDT-SoilSc-39 - Introduction to ArcGIS Pro
PDT-SoilSc-40 - Introduction to ArcMap
PDT-SoilSc-41 - Calculating Your Scope 3 Carbon Footprint
PDT-SoilSc-44 - Soil Taxonomy
Land Surveying
Soil Science and Natural Resources
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