OLLI-APPS-8004 - Zoom 101 Introduction to Zoom: Personal Computers (PC), Laptops, Notebooks
OLLI-APPS-8007 - Scheduling and Hosting Zoom Meetings
OLLI-APPS-8010 - There’s An App For That
OLLI-COMP-2034 - Learning the iPhone & iPad
OLLI-COMP-2035 - Fun with Artificial Intelligence
OLLI-COMP-2037 - Lunch & Learn - Securing Your Comcast/Xfinity Account
OLLI-COMP-2038 - Lunch & Learn - Staying Ahead of the Curve: Exploring Latest Tech Trends in AI, Mobile OS, Security, and Devices
OLLI-COMP-2039 - Lunch & Learn - Home Network Security Essentials
OLLI-ENVI-3052 - Electrify: Building New Hampshire's Just & Equitable Electric Future
OLLI-GARD-5020 - Greenhouse Growing for the Home Gardener
OLLI-MATH-5020 - One Two Three... Infinity
OLLI-MATH-5021 - Math Curiosities: Fibonacci, Golden Rectangle & Parthenon, Friday the 13th
OLLI-MATH-5022 - Mathematical Card Tricks for Everyone!
OLLI-NATR-6089 - Loving Animals: A Conversation with an Animal Communicator
OLLI-NATR-6092 - Beautiful Butterflies of New Hampshire
OLLI-NATR-6093 - Raising Puppies to be Guide Dogs for the Blind
OLLI-NATR-6094 - Herons & Osprey of Exeter, New Hampshire
OLLI-NATR-6095 - Riveting Raptors: Owls, Hawks, & Vultures - Oh My!
OLLI-NATR-6096 - Helping Injured & Orphaned Wildlife
OLLI-NATR-6097 - Exploring the National Parks & Other Special Places in the United States
OLLI-NATR-6098 - Fly Angling for Trout in Northern New England 101
OLLI-NATR-6099 - The Mysteries of the Wild Turkey
OLLI-SCIE-4034 - Water: Everything You Always Wanted to Know
OLLI-SCIE-4035 - Forever Chemicals (PFAS) in New Hampshire & Maine: Where It Is & What We Can Do About It
OLLI-SCIE-4036 - Women in Science, Technology, & Mathematics
OLLI-SCIE-4037 - Clean Energy as a Major Climate Solution: U.S. & International Experience
OLLI-SCIE-4038 - Become a Citizen Scientist & Learn About Climate Change in the Northeast Mountains
OLLI-SPAC-9017 - Visiting the Planets of Our Solar System
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Gardening & Nature
Math & Science
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