PDT-BusCS-01 - Making Your Business Writing More Effective
PDT-BusHR-02 - Wage and Hour Compliance and Updates to the FLSA
PDT-BusHR-04 - Human Resources 101: Practitioner Skills Workshop
PDT-BusHR-05 - Managing Workers' Compensation in NH
PDT-BusHR-06 - Mastering HR Leadership
PDT-BusHR-07 - Workplace Safety and Health Programs
PDT-BusHR-09 - New Hire Orientation and Onboarding Excellence
PDT-BusHR-10 - Bring Your Wellness Program to Life
PDT-BusHR-13 - Conducting Internal Investigations
PDT-BusHR-17 - Health as Wealth: Improving Employee Nutrition for Increased Productivity and Performance
PDT-BusHR-18 - Dealing with Poor Performance and Problem Attitudes
PDT-BusHR-19 - Legal Interviewing and Hiring
PDT-BusHR-20 - Compensation Fundamentals
PDT-BusHR-21 - Diversity & Inclusion
PDT-BusHR-22 - Strategic Workforce Planning
PDT-BusHR-25 - Training Design and Delivery
PDT-BusHR-26 - Conducting Human Resource and Safety Audits
PDT-BusHR-28 - Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
PDT-BusHR-29 - Project Management for HR Professionals
PDT-BusHR-30 - Behavioral Interviewing
PDT-BusHR-31 - Using People Analytics in Human Resources
PDT-BusHR-33 - ADA, Leave and Workers’ Compensation Issues
PDT-BusHR-34 - Engaging with the LGBTQ+ Community: Best Practices for the Workplace
PDT-BusHR-35 - The Power of Improv on Business and Creativity
PDT-BusHR-36 - AI and Human Resources: Leveraging Opportunities and Managing Risks
PDT-BusHR-38 - Building Stronger Teams: The Parachute Principle
PDT-BusHR-39 - The Actor's Approach to Authentic Communication
PDT-BusHR-40 - The Lifecycle of Internal Workplace Investigations
PDT-BusHR-41 - Managing Workplace Accommodation, Leave, and Workers' Comp Challenges
PDT-BusHR-42 - Cultivating Feedback Culture: Organizational and Professional Development
PDT-BusHR-43 - Navigating the Future: What Organizations Need to Know About Privacy, Cybersecurity, and AI
PDT-BusLM-01 - How to Make Your Feedback Conversations Get Results and Grow Your Relationships
PDT-BusLM-02 - Enhancing Performance and Accountability
PDT-BusLM-05 - Applied Leadership Institute
PDT-BusLM-06 - Applying Positive Psychology to Build a High Performing Workplace
PDT-BusLM-07 - Appreciative Inquiry: A Strengths-Based Approach to Change
PDT-BusLM-08 - Assessing Responsibilities and Delegating Work: Getting the Monkeys Off Your Back
PDT-BusLM-09 - Basic Employment Law: What Every Manager and Supervisor Should Know
PDT-BusLM-101 - Coping with the Coronavirus: How to Reduce Stress and Stay Sane
PDT-BusLM-102 - Getting the Most from Your Emails - Virtual Workshop
PDT-BusLM-106 - COVID-19 Employment Law Briefing
PDT-BusLM-11 - Change Management Toolkit
PDT-BusLM-12 - Conflict Resolution through Effective Communication
PDT-BusLM-13 - Constructive Conversations: How to Foster Candid Discussions That Get Results
PDT-BusLM-143 - Simple and Sustainable Self-Care Strategies to Support Employee Well-being
PDT-BusLM-150 - Facilitating The Multi-Generational Workforce
PDT-BusLM-152 - Securing Your Talent in a Tight Market
PDT-BusLM-16 - Critical Thinking
PDT-BusLM-162 - Motivational Interviewing Foundations
PDT-BusLM-163 - Legal Considerations in a Tech-Driven World
PDT-BusLM-166 - Elevate Your Influence: Advanced Techniques for Constructive Conversations
PDT-BusLM-17 - Cross-Functional Teaming: Mastering the Fundamentals of Team Performance
PDT-BusLM-21 - Facilitation Skills
PDT-BusLM-23 - Flexible Leadership for Every Situation
PDT-BusLM-25 - Foundations of Supervision
PDT-BusLM-26 - Getting Along with Difficult People
PDT-BusLM-27 - Good Grammar: A Refresher Course
PDT-BusLM-29 - Influencing Behavior in the Workplace: Healthy Attitudes, Strong Results
PDT-BusLM-31 - Is Time Managing You or are You Managing It?
PDT-BusLM-32 - Leading the Newest Generation
PDT-BusLM-33 - Mastering Multiple Projects, Priorities and Demands
PDT-BusLM-34 - Powerful Presentations: Tips and Tools for Developing Content and Confidence
PDT-BusLM-35 - Stepping Up to Supervisor
PDT-BusLM-39 - Analyzing Workstyles: Using MBTI to Improve Workplace Performance
PDT-BusLM-41 - Strategic Influencing Skills: Influencing with Impact and Integrity
PDT-BusLM-43 - Teambuilding for Increased Productivity
PDT-BusLM-49 - Developing a Culture for Success
PDT-BusLM-50 - How to Hack Your Awesome
PDT-BusLM-51 - Managing Organizational Change: Culture, Policy, and Process
PDT-BusLM-52 - Using Personal Strengths for Goal Setting and Career Development
PDT-BusLM-53 - Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence
PDT-BusLM-54 - Dispelling Common Leadership Myths: The Duh! Approach to Management and Supervision
PDT-BusLM-55 - High Potential Employee Bootcamp: How to Become Even More Valuable and Promotable
PDT-BusLM-57 - Creating Work/Life Balance
PDT-BusLM-58 - Employee Retention: Keeping the Best
PDT-BusLM-59 - Leading Virtual Teams
PDT-BusLM-60 - Paradoxes of Leadership
PDT-BusLM-67 - Supervisors Boot Camp--Summer 2017
PDT-BusLM-68 - Accountability: The Key to Organizational & Individual Success
PDT-BusLM-69 - Situational Leadership with Gender Dynamics
PDT-BusLM-71 - Lead Like a Woman Retreat: The Inner Journey
PDT-BusLM-73 - The Dimensions of Leadership: 12th Annual Conference for Managers, Supervisors, Project and Team Leaders
PDT-BusLM-84 - Creating A Blame-Free and Gossip-Free Work Environment
PDT-BusLM-91 - Implicit Bias: Awareness and Response to Mitigate Impact
PDT-BusLM-99 - Leading Virtual Teams - Virtual Workshop
PDT-BusPC-02 - Gender Dynamics in Coaching
PDT-BusPC-03 - Negotiation Skills for Coaches
PDT-BusPC-04 - The Business of Coaching: Get the Results You Want!
PDT-BusPC06 - Coaching the Woman Executive
PDT-BusPM-01 - Introduction to Basic Project Management
PDT-BusPM-08 - Topics in Advanced Project Management
PDT-ComAP-04 - Using Technology to Create Online Courses
PDT-ComAP-06 - Google Educator L1
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