PDT-BusAN-02 - Google Analytics I
PDT-BusAN-03 - Business Analytics Boot Camp
PDT-BusCS-01 - Making Your Business Writing More Effective
PDT-BusLM-05 - Applied Leadership Institute
PDT-BusLM-08 - Assessing Responsibilities and Delegating Work: Getting the Monkeys Off Your Back
PDT-BusLM-13 - Constructive Conversations: How to Foster Candid Discussions That Get Results
PDT-BusLM-16 - Critical Thinking
PDT-BusLM-17 - Cross-Functional Teaming: Mastering the Fundamentals of Team Performance
PDT-BusLM-27 - Good Grammar: A Refresher Course
PDT-BusLM-31 - Is Time Managing You or are You Managing It?
PDT-BusLM-33 - Mastering Multiple Projects, Priorities and Demands
PDT-BusLM-34 - Powerful Presentations: Tips and Tools for Developing Content and Confidence
PDT-BusLM-39 - Analyzing Workstyles: Using MBTI to Improve Workplace Performance
PDT-BusLM-41 - Strategic Influencing Skills: Influencing with Impact and Integrity
PDT-BusLM-42 - Are You Listening? Developing Effective Listening Skills
PDT-BusLM-63 - Leadership & Service Excellence: 2 1/2 Day Program at Loon Mountain
PDT-BusLM-72 - Northeast Big Data Conference
PDT-BusLM-73 - The Dimensions of Leadership: 12th Annual Conference for Managers, Supervisors, Project and Team Leaders
PDT-BusMK-04 - Social Media Strategy
PDT-BusMK-05 - 2017 Digital Marketing Conference
PDT-BusMK-06 - Sales Boot Camp
PDT-BusMK-07 - Tactics for Sustainable Client Development
PDT-BusMK-08 - Small Business Marketing Day
PDT-BusMK-09 - Hit Your Bullseye! Identifying and Reaching Your Target Market
PDT-BusMK-16 - Copywriting 101: Finding the Words that Work
PDT-BusMK-19 - Email Marketing Strategy & Execution
PDT-BusMK-20 - Build Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2019
PDT-BusMK-21 - Google Analytics for Business
PDT-BusMK-22 - Google Analytics for Nonprofits
PDT-BusMK-23 - Building a Business on Amazon
PDT-BusMK-24 - Google Ads: The Basics & Beyond
PDT-BusMK-25 - Content Marketing
PDT-BusMK-26 - Local Search and SEO
PDT-BusMK-27 - Smartphone Video Production for Marketing
PDT-BusMK-29 - Social Media Platforms
PDT-BusMK-30 - Social Media Power User, Part 2
PDT-BusMK-31 - Google Analytics II: Next Level Analytics
PDT-BusMK-32 - How to Optimize Your Sales Efforts
PDT-BusMK-33 - Best Practices on Building a Successful Ecommerce Business in 2020
PDT-BusMK-34 - Modern B2B Sales and Marketing
PDT-BusMK-36 - Digital Marketing Strategy
PDT-BusMK-37 - Introduction to Digital Media Buying
PDT-BusMK-39 - Launching a Squarespace Website in Under 6 Hours
PDT-BusMK-41 - Marketing AI: The Future of Digital Marketing
PDT-BusMK-43 - Advanced AI for Marketing
PDT-BusMK-44 - Marketing Automation: Get More Done in Less Time
PDT-BusPH-01 - Digital Photography Intensive: From Capture to Final Presentation
PDT-ComAP-04 - Using Technology to Create Online Courses
PDT-ComAP-06 - Google Educator L1
PDT-ComDP-02 - Advanced Adobe InDesign (Level III)
PDT-ComDP-03 - Beginning with Adobe InDesign (Level I)
PDT-ComDP-06 - Adobe Photoshop
PDT-ComDP-07 - Graphic Design for Everyone
PDT-ComDP-08 - From Start to Shelf: Bringing Design Ideas to Market
PDT-ComWD-04 - Photoshop for the Web


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