Information for Families

The following forms may be downloaded for use as needed. Please complete and return within the time frame as instructed on the form. Note that the Epi-pen/Inhaler permission requires a health care professional signature, per NH State law.

Various waivers were also required as part of the registration process for youth programs. Online registrations included parent/guardian review and acknowledgement of the following waivers:

  • UNH Assumption of Risk waiver
  • Permission to Treat
  • Photo/Creative Works consent
  • UNH Code of Conduct for minors attending youth programs

Athletic Camps: A physical is not required, but due to the rigorous daily schedule, every camper should arrive at camp prepared to fully participate. Every effort is made to protect the camper's health and safety, and a certified athletic trainer is present at all times.

Health Care, Medication Administration, Food Allergy Information

UNH hires a dedicated Summer Youth Program nurse who is available to all youth program staff, students, and families. The nurse and our UNH Health & Wellness Center provides triage medical care in the case of illness or injury.

The nurse also assists families with any pre-planning for medical concerns, and helps program staff and families in determining the appropriate administration of any student prescription medications.

Additionally, a UNH dietician is available if special food arrangements are required in the dining hall.

If the student has any questions/concerns related to health care, the following information will be helpful. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions after reviewing these documents:

Student Conduct Expectations

In order for all youth participants to have a safe and comfortable experience, UNH asks that all parents/guardians review our Code of Conduct with their student before attending the program. The document is provided here, along with an outline of the steps that may be taken should a conduct issue arise during a UNH youth program:


The University of New Hampshire seeks to create a welcoming and inclusive youth program experience for all participants. Reasonable accommodation, consistent with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended, Section 504 and applicable state law, may be requested by parents/guardians to support participation of individuals with disabilities in youth camps and other youth activities.

Students with Learning, Behavioral, Physical and Medical Needs

Open communication with families is important for us to meet student needs. If the student has a learning, physical, dietary, behavioral, mental health, or medical need that requires accommodation, awareness, or support, please provide that information during the registration process.

Please refer to our general "Essential Skills" document for an understanding of the basic structure, expectations, and activities of our youth programs. If additional student support is being requested, please complete the "Support Needs/Accommodation Request Form" as soon as possible after the initial registration date.

Communicating with us early allows for sufficient time for UNH staff to follow up with families, if needed, and results in the student's maximum success in the youth program. However, we also encourage students & families to contact us with questions or concerns. The following documents provide helpful information: