Registering & Navigating our Website

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If you are having difficulty logging into your child's account, it may be that you are using an incorrect user name and/or password, or both.  To help determine whether you are using an incorrect user name or password, this document shows the screenshots that you will see, depending upon which is incorrect.  PLEASE NOTE:  In most applications, the user name is not case sensitive.  This is not the case for Learn for Life - the user name is case sensitive.  If you are not successful logging in, please call 603-862-7227 and press Option #1 to speak with our support desk. 

The requirements for the user name and password are included in the document referenced above.  Please note:  using an email address as a user name is not permitted.

If you would like to create a child's account/profile without registering for a program, please use this guide.

How Do I Pay an Outstanding Balance?  Accessing an Invoice - quick view

How Do I Pay an Outstanding Balance?  Accessing an Invoice, beginning with login, with screenshots

The registration system does allow for a parent/guardian to use the same email address for multiple child accounts. You may receive a 'warning' message, but at the bottom of the message is information for parents. Essentially, click 'Continue' to proceed.

By default, Apple’s Safari browser does not allow Third Party Cookies. This can cause issues during the registration and checkout process. If you need assistance in setting up Safari to allow third party cookies, please call the (603) 862-7227,Option #1, to speak with our support desk.

In the newer versions of Safari there are four choices for handling cookies:

1. Never Allow - Blocks all cookies

2. Allow from current - Allows cookies only from the website the browser is connected to

3. Allow from websites I visit - Allows cookies from websites the browsers connects to regularly, but still blocks third party cookies

4. Always Allow - Allows all cookies from all websites

For security reasons, Learn for Life connects to a credit card payment processor (i.e. third party) when it’s time for you to enter your credit card information. Please set your Safari browser to #4, Always Allow (Safari/Preferences/Security tab/) to allow third party cookies.

When the Safari browser is first installed it defaults to the 'Allow from websites I visit' option, which blocks the 'third party cookies'. Please note: When the browser is updated to newer versions it can revert back to the default settings, regardless of what a user may have selected in the past.

If you receive an email inviting you to enroll in a camp for which you are wait listed, follow these directions.

Please click on the link to open the Detailed Registration & Payment Guide. This document is a pictorial, along with instructions, for proceeding through our website to enroll and pay for youth programs.