When a new employee onboards, the trainer is one of the ‘faces’ that represents the organization. How a trainer presents themself and facilitates training significantly impacts how the employee views the organization, how the employee will perform during their probationary period and beyond, and it is the trainer who helps drive the development strategies of the organization.

While being a subject matter expert is an important part of being a trainer, so is knowing how to organize and present in a variety of formats to people who have different learning styles and preferences and communicate in a way that adult learners can understand and apply what is learned. A trainer also needs to be able to design and evaluate training in a way that is impactful to the organization and meets development goals.

The Train the Trainer Certificate program with UNH Professional Development & Training is geared to those who are new to training and those who wish to enhance their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness as a trainer. The workshops will touch upon all aspects of the learning lifecycle – assessing training needs, designing and developing training solutions, facilitating high-impact training, and measuring training results - as well as your self-awareness and authenticity as a trainer.

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