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Keeping orchestral stringed instruments in good playing condition and in the hands of young musicians keeps students practicing and participating in every-day instruction and rehearsals. After taking this course, you will be able to pass along these strategies to students who often learn instrument care and maintenance only from their teachers. Orchestral Music Educators, Department Chairs, District VAPA Coordinators, private teachers, and anyone interested in learning more about their orchestral instrument will benefit by helping keep their students' stringed instruments healthy. Learning, teaching, and practicing the basic maintenance and preventative care outlined in this one-day workshop will help keep repair expenses down as well. In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Learn all the parts/components to the instrument
  • Properly clean instruments
  • Lubricate friction areas including pegs, nut & bridge
  • Keep the bridge in the right position and the right place
  • Check the sound post
  • Properly install strings
  • Care for your bow
  • How to select strings that are best suited for your instruments
  • How to help identify quality from the VSO's (Violin-Shaped-Objects!)
  • Identify and prevent issues that may keep instruments out of a musician’s hands

Teaching and practicing these skills will help keep your class and ensemble on track and sounding their best, as well as help your student musicians develop good habits, develop pride of "ownership" of caring for an instrument that will last a lifetime.

*Previously titled Orchestra Repair Basics: DIY Instrument Repairs for Educators

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