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Greenhouse gas inventory tools help you achieve a complete and accurate carbon footprint calculation by using the best methods and current emission factors. One of those tools is SIMAP (www.unhsimap.org), a carbon and nitrogen footprint tool that is hosted by the UNH Sustainability Institute. SIMAP is an organizational footprint tool designed for colleges, universities, and other organizations with a campus setting.

In this 4-hour virtual course, we will walk you through the web-based platform SIMAP. This course will explore how to:

  • Set up an account in SIMAP
  • Select your methods, such as emission factors, global warming potential, and utility region
  • Enter your inventory data, custom emission factors, and data documentation into SIMAP
  • View your results in a variety of ways, including your total results, normalized results, and results “packaged” by topic
  • Explore the background documentation and resources on SIMAP

This course will walk you through the full process of using SIMAP, from account creation through to finalizing your result. This course will include presentations from the instructors, breakout group discussions, hands-on data exercises in breakout groups, and Q&A sessions.

Course Fee: $189.00 tuition (non-credit)

This course will be offered for free to UNH students. If you are interested, please contact Allison Leach (Allison.Leach@unh.edu) for more information.

This program is offered in partnership with the UNH Sustainability Institute

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SIMAP: A Tutorial on a Carbon and Nitrogen Footprint Tool for Higher Ed
1:00PM to 5:00PM
Apr 06, 2023
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  • Live Online (USA Eastern Time)
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