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Technological advances in every field are converging. These advances will continue to replace, augment, or disrupt what we do for work, leisure, healthcare, and society. Every industry, company, every function, and position from the Board Room to individual contributor will be affected.

If you intend to continue working 5, 10, or 20+ years from now, and if you have not kept up with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments, then this workshop is for you. This is all happening faster than most people realize. How will this technology explosion affect you, your job, your company, your industry, your family, your future? What should you and your company be doing differently?

During this class we’ll explore these developments, questions, concerns, risks, and more. What is the future of work? What knowledge and skills will you need? What are the pitfalls as well as the benefits? You’ll learn how to help your company identify and decide what tasks have a return on investment for including AI. Experts say, regardless of company size, it’s not a matter of if you need to include AI, it’s a matter of what tasks, and when it will become cost effective, and required for survival.

In class. you will be working in teams, sharing information and ideas, helping each other develop an actionable personal and company plan. You’ll receive the PowerPoint slides prior to the training and are encouraged to bring a device so you can have the slides available during the training.

Some Examples of How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Impacting Our Lives:

  • Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality.
  • Smart appliances are being connected to the internet.
  • Alexa, Google, and Siri bring us the news, weather, our schedules & put us to sleep.
  • Amazon predicts what you’ll buy, and Netflix predicts what movies you’ll watch using AI.
  • Banks & credit card companies use AI to decide if you’ll be approved for a loan.
  • AI helps Companies decide if the hiring manager will see you job application and resume.
  • Restaurants are beginning to use robots to prepare the food and deliver it to our table.

All Jobs Will be impacted:

AI is replacing or augmenting restaurant workers, vehicle drivers, engineers, customer service, radiologist, warehouse workers, telemarketers, retail sales, checkout clerks, assembly jobs, physicians, middle management, stockbrokers, marketing, sports reporters, sales, nurses, etc.

Some Examples of AI on the Horizon:

  • MRI machines will shrink from needing a dedicated room to the size of a laptop.
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses, office, and home walls will be intelligent displays.
  • Your mammogram or X-ray will be read by AI.
  • When you leave the hospital, you may be accompanied home by a robot.
  • You’ll be able to change the color and or design of the walls in your home at will.
  • The concept of tumor will disappear, replacing defective body parts will become common.

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