Course Description

Mental health training is typically not included in most formal teacher preparation programs, even though psychological challenges can negatively impact a student’s ability to learn. With an estimated one in five of the 50 million U.S. public school students showing symptoms of a mental health disorder, it is imperative to provide educators with training about trends and warning signs.

Although a teacher’s role is not to provide mental health intervention in their classroom, an understanding of these vulnerabilities can help them better offer effective academic guidance for students who may be struggling.

This workshop will empower educators in their crucial role on the front line of the mental health support continuum by enhancing their ability to recognize and identify emerging problems among their students. Educators will also be introduced to a strengths-based perspective for approaching these concerns, and will be introduced to a variety of positive coping skills and resilience building strategies to use in their classrooms, school communities and for themselves.

Opportunities to strengthen communication/collaboration with families, other school professionals, and outside resource agencies will also be explored.


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