Course Description

The idea of going after a target market is a familiar concept. Yet, so many business builders struggle with how to pinpoint and acquire their ideal customer. They worry that if they focus too much, they might be “turning down business.” The reality is that defining your “bullseye” customer is not only the foundation for a successful marketing strategy, it is critical to overall success and happiness in your business. This session takes a unique approach to energize your focus from the inside, out. This session will help you: get clear about who you need to reach, and how to reach them; learn how having internal clarity about why you’re in business and who you most want to serve directly impacts your marketing effectiveness; better understand how your marketing strategy dramatically increases sales results; and gain renewed energy and excitement for growing your business. This workshop is ideal for marketers from small to midsize businesses interested in bringing their strategy beyond “who we are, what we do”, and speaking directly to their target market.

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