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What does the word anger conjure up for you? Unpleasant memories? Stress? What if, when you are triggered by something someone says or does, you could simply view your emotional reactions like the lights on a dashboard - as a warning that something needs our attention? How might your emotional reaction be different?

What if when a conflict presented itself you could respond, instead of react, with new strategies that resulted in greater connection and understanding between others?

Explore a fresh approach to working through anger and conflict by untangling the needs behind them through discussion and experiential exercises designed to integrate strategies presented. This interactive workshop is designed for anyone who has ever experienced strong emotion and anger in the face of conflict and is seeking new and effective strategies that contribute to positive outcomes and connection versus disconnection from using habitual patterns of the past.

Participants will leave this workshop with a toolkit that will enable them to:

  • choose a response to conflict (vs. habitual fight-or-flight reactions) to manage emotions and frustration and communicate more effectively
  • apply easy-to-use strategies to gain a deeper understanding of triggering reactions they have experienced, and how to regain their balance
  • assess triggering situations using a perspective-shifting strategy to create greater understanding and connection for those involved

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