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Are you new to business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing or looking for a refresher on what 2.0 tactics are driving results in today’s ever-changing B2B market? In this course, Alec Newcomb and Ryan Reisert cover the 2.0 essentials of B2B sales and marketing, providing you with what you need to know to create an impact for your brand. This course will provide:

  • Fundamentals of Modern B2B Sales
  • Fundamentals of Modern Marketing
  • Sales Development Framework
    • Market sizing
  • What is B2B Prospecting 2.0
    • Buyer personas
    • List building
    • Data enrichment
    • Tools
  • Your math of B2B Sales worksheet to know exactly what you need to grow your sales consistently
  • Your math of B2B marketing worksheet to know exactly what you need to grow your leads consistently
  • A repeatable set of B2B process that you can take back to your organization and make an immediate impact with
  • Messaging development to keep sales and marketing aligned
  • How to scale your lead channels (email, voice, media, social, SEO/inbound)
  • Managing your data into your CRM and then back out for marketing
  • Advanced tools, tips, and case studies from the top 2% practitioners in modern B2B sales and marketing across a host of industries and verticals

Alec and Ryan have helped thousands of companies achieve sales and marketing success by knowing “your organization B2B math” and have a clear and repeatable sales and marketing processes. Join them for this one-day six-hour online course where they help you refresh your B2B knowledge and then enable you to make an immediate impact on your organization’s future success.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program will be held live online through Zoom and will feature the same instructors, content and interaction as our traditional in-person training program.   Please see additional dates by clicking on the drop-down boxes.

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