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Would you like to know how to keep employee morale high, regardless of the change, challenge, and uncertainty your organization faces?

Would you like your employees to face these changes, challenges, and uncertainties with a can-do, “bring it on!” attitude?

If so, you’ll need to know what management practices and conditions lead to a resilient workforce vs. a stressed out, overwhelmed, beleaguered workforce.

Resilient employees are more likely to be

  • productive,
  • motivated,
  • and customer-service oriented.

Because resilient people are more adaptable and confident, they face change with greater courage and optimism, and handle stress more effectively.

Resilient employees incur less -care and workers’ compensation costs. Thu,s the more resilient your employees, the more productive they are and the less cost they incur.

Learn what management practices create a resilient workforce. Based on a synthesis of best practices, business research, and research from a variety of scientific disciplines, this program will give you both a blueprint and practical strategies for boosting employee morale, reducing stress, and creating a “bring It on!” culture.

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How to Keep Your Team’s Morale High During Difficult Times
9:00AM to 3:30PM
Apr 19, 2022
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