Course Description

The end of the school year can be frantic and frenetic. Teachers stress about all of the learning still to go, students and families worry about the upcoming transition, and everybody’s energy wanes as the weather warms. And all of this kind of sneaks up on us, doesn’t it?
What if we were as intentional about the last weeks of school as we are about the first?
In this highly engaging and practical workshop for K-12 educators, we will consider how to bring the school year to a strong finish. Participants will…
·      consider how to balance the need for academic learning and social and emotional needs in the last weeks of the school year.
·      learn practical strategies for helping students reflect on their learning and feel a sense of accomplishment.
·      consider the messages (intentional and unintentional) we send to students about the next year—and be more intentional about those messages.
·      gain strategies for keeping momentum and motivation strong in the final weeks of the school year.
·      learn strategies for helping a class community stay positive and supportive of each other as the year winds down.
·      consider strategies for reducing students’, families’, and their own anxieties about the upcoming transition.

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