Course Description

Being present, being mindful and being connected are all buzz words today, not only in educational settings but in the everyday world.

As we live our daily lives, we seem to be always moving, thinking and planning. No longer do we seem to have down time, simmer time, or time to spark creativity on a regular basis.

Our stressors are all around us - work, school, community and home. Today’s school environments can also reflect the “hubbub” of discombobulation. In truth, we all want to feel the flow of connection, continuity and predictability, but it seems to elude us. 

Often when we access CEUs, we spend much of our time focusing on improving our practice, often at the cost of our own self-care. The COVID pandemic adds another layer to our challenges.

If you are feeling disconnected, robotic or discouraged, join this group to find what you need to feel yourself again. 


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