Course Description

Are you noticing kids' behaviors, availability for learning, and attitudes have changed?

Teaching the 21st century child in pre-school or Kindergarten presents many challenges. Although curriculum standards have changed dramatically in the last 10-15 years, development has not. This may be why some kids are not accessing and mastering curriculum demands.

This collaborative seminar will allow for discussion and active problem solving for understanding when the child needs differentiation, remediation or specialized services. We will experiment with and explore understanding normal development, applying strategies and problem solving for individualizing instruction/guidance. 

Whether it be delayed gross or fine motor skills, visual perceptual issues, sensory processing, delayed social-emotional skills or something that you can’t put your finger on (but know something is up), we will go there in this collaborative group.

Let’s take down these roadblocks together so you can help this child get back in their lane!


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