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In this 6th course we will complete the detailed science of the brewing process by investigating what happens to the wort once it leave the whirlpool, on its way to becoming beer! The cold side is where an understanding of fermentation and contamination sources is paramount to creating a beer that people will enjoy. We will cover chilling and oxygenation, the fermentation process, and up though carbonation and packaging and look at what can go wrong like oxidation, as well as newer research into considerations such as hop creep from dry hopping. 

  • Chiller & oxygenation selection and set up, hot side aeration risks
  • Fermentation science
  • Bright tanks, and beer maturation and carbonation
  • Introduction to packaging options and quality control
  • Supplemental reading, videos, and discussions.

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The Brewing Process In Detail: Cold Side Operations
9:00AM to 4:00PM
Apr 10, 2022
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  • Live Online
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  • Cheryl Parker
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