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This workshop was formerly titledInspiring and Influential U: Communication Skills for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders 

Your ability to help others perform at their best, get people to buy into your ideas,  and give useful feedback are all greatly improved when you know how to use stories to make your points and overall message come alive.

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to turn everyday life experiences, stories you hear in podcasts and conferences, and major learning experiences you’ve had into powerful attention-engaging and perspective-shifting stories.

You’ll learn how to apply this powerful communication device to:

  1. Provide better, more actionable feedback on what excellence looks like and how an employee can improve their feedback
  2. Communicate a hard-to-hear message in a non-confrontational way Make new hire orientation and training  programs more interesting and inspiring
  3. Make your presentations—and communication in general—more interesting and persuasive
  4. Improve your ability to recruit talent by making your recruiting message more believable and compelling
  5. Reinforce your cultural norms and values and help employees understand how to embody them in their jobs
  6. Help keep morale high and employees more connected with your organization’s mission and vision

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