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Using the right style of leadership for the right situation is a concern for everyone in a leadership role. Should I direct, coach, support or allow my employees to be self-reliant and empowered? How do I know that I am matching the appropriate leadership style for the level of employee competence?

During this interactive workshop you will utilize a self-assessment to determine your versatility in using the right style based on the needs of the employee - the person being led. Learn how to become a more flexible leader and improve your conversations about performance and development between you, the leader, and the people who work for you so that competence is developed and talented individuals are retained.

You will learn to:

  • diagnose the development levels of employees and choose the appropriate leadership style
  • identify the frequency with which you use specific leader behaviors in one-to-one situations, using an assessment profile
  • begin to understand how flexible leaders use goal setting, delegation, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening, feedback, and proactive problem-solving to improve results
  • increase individual and organizational accountability by linking goals and planned intentions to an action plan

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Flexible Leadership for Every Situation
9:00AM to 3:30PM
Apr 05, 2022
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  • GSC Manchester
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Tuition (includes lunch) non-credit $269.00 now or pay later
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