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The business climate, your competition, and customer's needs will continue to change at an increasingly rapid rate.

“To survive in the future, every organization will have to turn itself into a change agent.” - Peter Drucker

During this class we will expand on the principles presented in Basic and Advanced Project Management. In Basic we simplified project management for the “casual” project manager, “casual” meaning it’s not your full-time job. In Advanced we helped you develop skill maturity. In this class we will encourage you to move from casual project manager or casual project team member to becoming a casual change agent.

You will learn a defined process for consciously and predictably molding your company’s business toward desired outcomes. The process is a proven project-based business change management strategy for assessing, identifying, selecting, and implementing business initiatives and projects to create balanced change throughout your organization. Adopting this simplified process for your company can reduce start-up and overall project costs; reduce employee stress; ensure a higher rate of project completion on time and on budget and produce the behavior change required for delivering measurable business results. As a change agent you’ll have the knowledge and tools to influence staff at all levels to understand the need and the benefits of applying the process and how to use the methods, and tools.

You'll be guided through the twenty-step process with a series of highly interactive exercises using a question-based assessment tool grounded in best-in-class methods, integrated with an organizational maturity model, and linked with simplified project management. The tools and models presented can be the foundation for establishing a customized business change management process within your organization.

You’ll acquire knowledge and skills that will be required as artificial intelligence expands.

You are encouraged, but not required, to complete a general project management workshop prior to attending this one. You will be working in teams on a case that will be provided. You’ll receive the PowerPoint slides prior to the training and are encouraged to bring a device so you can have the slides available during the training and access and use other documents on the internet.

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