Course Description

6 CEHs for Wetland and Soil Scientists, 1.5 CEUs for Surveyors
6 CEUs for Foresters
Also approved by NEIWPCC, on behalf of MassDEP, for 6 TCHs for MA Title 5 Soil Evaluator renewal or activation. Auth. # T516-0023

Soil Genesis and Classification will give students a foundational understanding of how soils develop over time, as influenced by physical, chemical, biological, and climatic factors with an emphasis on identifying diagnostic horizons.  Topics include soil formation and the natural processes occuring within soils that produce characteristic soil morphology.  Processes such as weathering, illuviation, podsolization, reduction/oxidation reactions (REDOX) and erosion/deposition will be discussed in the classroom and observed in the field.  Students will learn to relate soil morphology to landforms and specific landscape positions and be introduced to Soil Classification using Keys to Soil Taxonomy, Twelfth Edition, 2014.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates


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