Course Description

Are you ready for a more positive and effective approach to “turning around” the challenging student(s) in your classroom? This workshop will introduce practical techniques for assessing the dynamics underlying student behavioral issues and then implementing appropriately focused, positive and resilience building strategies that “win over” the behaviorally challenging student.  Learn to motivate students to cooperate and engage in the classroom learning process.  This evidence based approach offers an alternative to the traditional behavior control focused models based in the reward/punishment paradigm.

Participants will instead learn to identify the underlying function and rationale maintaining problematic student behaviors and to avoid the “traps and pitfalls” of counterproductive interventions that actually exacerbate presenting problems. Learn strategies that encourage student connection, engagement and cooperation based in the resilience research evidence.  Effective parent/teacher conferencing techniques will also be demonstrated for building positive parent/teacher collaboration in fostering positive student academic social development and learning motivation. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies will be introduced that foster improved classroom climate and assist all students in becoming caring, cooperative and contributing members of the school community.  Learn to foster positive student development and social wellbeing in your classroom leading to decreased behavior problems and bullying/social aggression while improving academic achievement and responsible behavior.


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