Course Description

Designed for women, by women, to develop the confidence and essential skills to advance in today's “new normal” work settings: reactive, often understaffed, and highly dependent on the value added by the talent women provide.   Join us and find out how to make this new workplace reality work for you. Together, we will explore insights on ways to resolve issues unique to women professionals, such as pay disparity, promotional limitations, and career barriers experienced by women and overlooked in most women's workshops.

This two-day intensive is built on a field-tested, research-based foundation reflective of successful global female leadership.  In a mutually supportive community of women, you will develop and refine approaches to engage in the world as a confident leader, operating constructively to achieve your goals within our rapidly changing world of work. 

You will take away practical applications of key skills, such as:

  • Speaking Truth to Power
  • Constructive Communicating - Up, Down, and Laterally
  • Negotiation for What's Needed (vs desired)
  • Challenges to Your/Female Leadership
  • The Dynamics of Sponsorship and Allyship
  • Self-Advocacy

By adding women’s ways of leading to men’s, an entirely new paradigm can be created, one that holds the promise of creating wholeness and balance for communities, families, and organizations struggling to adapt to today’s challenges of change.

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