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Diversity and inclusion was named one of the top workplace challenges in 2018. Why is that? As our society and economy becomes more diverse and global, our workplaces should naturally mirror our customer base.  Yet diversity seems illusive. Particularly in New Hampshire! Diversity is about more than skin color or country of origin, it incorporates all differences in people demographics including work style, skills, education, lifestyle, culture and more. Inclusion relates to how we leverage the diversity in our organizations to achieve our business objectives. Understanding the dynamics of diversity and inclusion, and it’s impact on organizational culture impacts who you attract, develop, promote, train, and retain.

Jermaine Moore has been in Human Resources for over twenty years, he is a talent development and recruiting expert as well as a leadership coach. Join us as we explore workplace diversity and inclusion. We will create a safe space with honest dialogue. We’ll learn how stereotypes, perceptions, and biases can be communicated (or miscommunicated) without saying a word. We’ll also learn how to create and leverage a diverse workforce to meet our organizational goals.


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