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If your company has processes for running the business, does it have processes for changing the business? As Artificial Intelligence (AI) expands, the quantity of projects will increase and project duration will decrease, i.e. more projects faster. If your company is not consciously creating its future, then it’s at risk of becoming obsolete.

Project management is your organization’s business process for creating your company’s future.

  • Do your casual project managers struggle with converting project management theory into a practical project life cycle they can follow?
  • Do your company’s project managers & sponsors follow a consistent approach?
  • Does senior management know the status of your active projects?
  • Are the critical projects typically on track, do they get the help they need, and do they produce the expected results?
  • Does it feel like too many projects never end?

If you’re interested in improving how your company does projects, then this workshop is for you. If you’re starting with a blank slate, if you’ve implemented portions of a process and not sure what to do next, or if you’ve implemented a project management process and it’s not producing the expected results, then this workshop is for you.

Participants will work in teams sharing issues & suggestions to help each other develop a tailored project plan for improving their company’s project management results. The workshop will focus on process and be software neutral. During the exercises participants will start with best-in-class processes and templates, apply guided training and coaching, and produce a tailored process for their company.

Most companies struggle when it comes to planning and implementing projects. It doesn’t need to be that difficult. Project management can be simple, easy, & rewarding, when you have and follow a process tailored for your company.

(Students should bring a laptop, PC or Mac, with them to class.  Introduction to Basic Project Management is a recommended prerequisite for this workshop, but not required.)


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