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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program is scheduled as a face-to-face classroom training during the Fall 2020 semester, but may be moved online due to future recommendations for distance learning due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Any updates will be posted on this page and all enrolled students will be notified by email of any anticipated curtailments.

Every strong fundraising program sets revenue goals and plans for resources needed to achieve those goals.

Build on your knowledge of fundraising tactics and methods to develop a plan for your nonprofit that allows the fundraising team including your CEO, board members, committee members and staff to understand the arc of activities, expected time and resource commitments and potential financial return.

This course will provide concrete guidance on how to design an annual fundraising plan to align with organizational initiatives and meet financial goals.

Please note: This workshop combines the former courses titled “Integrated Funding Development Plan” (PDT-Grants-08) and “Annual Fund Development” (PDT-Grants-01).

Course Fee: $185.00 tuition (non-credit)

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Developing an Annual Fundraising Plan
9:00AM to 3:30PM
Apr 01, 2022
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