Course Description


A common problem found in many math classrooms is how do I meet the needs of all learners and still make it through my grade level content? Some learners struggle to keep up with grade level concepts, while others would benefit from more challenging content that takes their understanding to a deeper level. In this workshop, participants will explore effective practices for teaching mathematics, learn strategies to increase student participation and engagement, as well as work through a variety of performance tasks that allow all learners to successfully access grade level content.

What will participants gain?:

- Deeper knowledge of effective teaching practices for mathematics

- Three-part lesson structure that allows for the needs of all learners to be met during math time; Activities for each: whole group, small group and independent work

- Routines that focus on strategy use and math reasoning as leads for your math lesson

- Use of math tasks to help better manage productive struggle for students and that can be differentiated for a range of learner abilities

- A better understanding of how addition and subtraction are developed K-2 and how this impacts other mathematical ideas


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