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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This program is traditionally a face-to-face classroom training program, but the Spring 2021 semester section will be held online as we prioritize distance learning in response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).


By the time students enter middle school, they usually have strong feelings of either liking or hating math. This opinion leads to barriers that make teaching math even more difficult.

In a heterogenous math class, the top kids tend to be bored and the low kids tend to keep quiet hoping for the math block to end.

In this workshop, participants will explore the eight effective teaching practices for teaching mathematics, learn a variety of strategies and routines to foster better student participation, as well as work through a few low floor - high ceiling tasks.

Participants will leave with strategies that can be easily implemented helping to improve both the frequency in which students talk in your math class as well as some resource for implementing tasks that improve student engagement. What will participants gain?

  •  The difference in types of tasks we ask student to complete - (cognitive demand {low - high})
  •  Examine the 8 Effective Teaching Practices for Mathematics from Principles to Action: Ensuring Mathematical Success For All by NCTM
  •  Explore ways to facilitate student discourse through the use of purposeful questions
  •  Managing productive struggle - when to provide support and when to let students work through ideas
  •  Creating routines to help foster students talking more through
  •  Alternative strategies for assessing independent practice
  •  Number strings sharing strategies pushing for more efficient strategies
  •  Other resources that focus on reasoning rather than rote procedures

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