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Bass Set-up is a hands-on introductory workshop addresses the basics for a good setup on a standard ¾ double bass. It should be especially useful for shop owners who want their sales and rental basses to play well for customers, as set-up can be a crucial part of playability and customer satisfaction. In addition, musicians and music teachers may wish to learn more about bass set-up. You will learn basic tool skills, including sharpening and proper use of the band saw and drill press. Topics include endpin installation, tailpieces and tail wires, dressing fingerboards, nuts, fitting and adjusting sound posts, sizing and fitting bridges, installing 1/4x20 adjusters, string selection, and tonal adjustment.

Class will meet in person from 9am to 5pm, with additional open workshop hours in the evening.

Materials and Tools Needed
You should bring with you (shipping not advised) one standard 3/4 bass (due to space and time constraints). The tuners should already be installed and an ebony fingerboard attached. It can be an instrument that was set up previously. All structural issues should be resolved before the class – no cracks or open seams, no neck setting needed or scroll damage, no loose bassbars, etc. Bring an endpin (with 10mm shaft and threaded tip), tailpiece, 18mm soundposts (bring 2 or 3), 2 or 3 French model bridges (feet 150 or 158mm, as needed), aluminum bridge adjusters (1/4x20 thread), and strings. It is recommended that you collect a set of tools that you will dedicate to set-up. A complete list of suggested tools and materials may be found on the web at http://www.vkbasses.com/unh/toollist.htm

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Bass Setup
M, T, W, Th, F
9:00AM to 5:00PM
Jul 25, 2022 to Jul 29, 2022
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PDT - Violin Institute non-credit $1,099.00 or $100.00 deposit Click here to get more information
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Violin Institute Apron $20.00 Optional
  • Jay VandeKopple
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