Course Description

This year, perhaps more than ever before, the first weeks of the school year will be critically important for students and teachers. After a year of unprecedented disruption, anxiety, and challenge, we must be especially thoughtful and intentional about how we kick off the school year. We must set students up for success through the skillful integration of supporting students' social and emotional needs, teaching them the social and emotional skills they need to be successful, and creating academic experiences that are engaging and inclusive. There are some key strategies we can use to help build a community of learners who are ready to engage in great schoolwork. Designed for K-12 classroom teachers of all experience levels, this workshop will give you strategies to help…

  • Build positive relationships with (and between) students
  • Build collaborative norms/rules with students
  • Set up routines needed to support independent learning
  • Teach key social and emotional skills
  • Develop a positive learning community
  • Boost students’ intrinsic motivation for learning

Additionally, you’ll receive access to an online binder of resources to support your learning and implementation after the workshop is finished.


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