Course Description

What if a single act could help you improve the following?

self-discipline •  self-awareness •  creative problem-solving • empathy • learning agility • adaptiveness • flexibility • generosity •  kindness •   empathy • theory of mind • critical thinking •  and so much more!

 Such a thing exists: fiction.

According to Harvard Business Review, “reading fiction is an effective way to enhance the brain’s ability to keep an open mind while processing information—a necessary skill for decision making.”

Have you ever had a great idea for a book, TV show, movie, podcast, etc., but found it difficult to get started in elaborating the idea into a full-fledged narrative? Ever tried to sit down at the computer or notebook and actually try to write your idea down but got stuck in the weeds of “writer’s block?”

This class is for you.

In this workshop, we’ll boil down the art of fiction to the essentials: plot, language, character, manipulation of time and place, genre, theme, and more. You’ll read examples of flash fiction—complete stories in under 1,500 words—and then (gasp!) You’ll write your own flash fiction piece, leaving the workshop with a complete story in hand. The principles of flash can be applied to other art forms as well, including memoir, poetry, and even painting.



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