Course Description

In today’s global competitive market, Project Managers are finding firsthand how the complexity and risk of a supply chain can impact any project across all industries. Project Managers are exposed to a myriad of supply chain issues due to global events, localized interruptions, labor shortages, and inflation causing significant effects to their project deliverables schedules, and financial budgets.  

For Project Managers to effectively manage and minimize project risk, it’s imperative to improve your skill sets and knowledge of how supply chain management functions within a business. Aligning project management with supply chain management can help companies achieve better resilience, improve sustainability, and enable digital transformation. 

 The workshop will introduce Project Managers to the critical elements of supply chain management, its importance, and the potential to drive competitive differentiation. The workshop will include a deeper understanding of key core competencies and skill sets needed to succeed in this profession, such as:

  • Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model for Project Managers
  • Practical Approach to Supply Chain Management for Project Managers
  • Five Preparation Tips to Navigate through Supply Chain Disruption for Project Managers
  • Effective Models for Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management
  • Procurement Process and Key Deliverables Within a Project Plan
  • Supply Chain Management Skill Sets

In addition, the participants will receive practical tools and templates to proactively guide them in identifying project risk associated with their supply chains.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for professionals actively working in or who have ambitions to pursue a career in project management. 

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