Course Description

This course will teach participants to be self-assured internal and external workplace communicators. Capitalizing on the link between critical thinking and careful writing that can be understood on first reading, they will learn to avoid jargon and unintentional phrasing that can exclude the audience. They will come to appreciate the value of strong, active verbs and correct grammar, and develop a professional tone without personal biases and emotional leanings. To enhance their powers of persuasion, participants will learn to include the three types of evidence: facts, values and logic.

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to organize, write and revise documents via proven processes by taking "AIM" (audience, intent, message). Participants will also gain enough confidence to take on the leadership role of editing and revising others' work. Lecturing will be kept to a minimum in favor of realistic individual and group writing exercises on relevant topics, bolstered by constant peer review and class discussions. 

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