Course Description

This workshop will help teachers take an objective look at why an individual student (or group) may be struggling, and then match effective strategies to the breakdown areas. Teachers will utilize a neurodevelopmental lens, objective observations and the most recent research on how the brain learns to leverage students' strengths and successfully complete more assignments with less effort. Sharing objective observations with students, teaching them to understand their own learning and making them aware of their strengths and challenges engages learners and improves their academic success. It is possible to differentiate instruction and prevent breakdowns in learning when teachers plan lessons with the neurodevelopmental demands and the strengths and weaknesses of the students in mind. The workshop will present ways to individualize instruction for all students without creating multiple lesson plans. Teachers will return to the classroom with a new way to look at learners, new insights into how to support all learners and a new approach to lesson planning and instruction. 

Participants will receive a reading assignment prior to the start of the workshop from the instructor.


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